What do Julius Caesar and I have in common? We both had pretty bad days on the Idea of March. Of course, his involved getting stabbed to death, so it was worse. Mine (in 2010) just involved a concussion, stitches in my lip (of which I remember every single one, because the anesthetic had worn off, but they weren’t allowed to give me more because I’d already reached my dose limit), and I needed to have my two front teeth replaced (to the tune of about $3,000). But hey! I’m not dead! (Thank you, Allie Brosch, for that fantastic image. Seriously, best blog on the internet.)

So on March 15th, I allow myself the privilege of being sanctimonious. Don’t talk on your cell phone and drive. Don’t text and drive. Because you might make an illegal turn because you’re not paying attention, and hit someone on a scooter. Or a bike. Or on foot. Seriously. Please don’t mess around with your cell phone and driving. People tend to prefer their original teeth intact.

It’s a little bittersweet this year. Reesa was diagnosed with her first round of cancer the same week when I got hit. Last year, we celebrated a year of survival together. It’s sad, this year, to be reminded that she’s not with me. I thought we had a lot more years ahead of us.

Even so, it’s a time for celebrating. Last year, I threw a big party. This year, between my dance partner’s wedding and a competition, I really don’t have time. But Jon and I are going out for a nice dinner, and the competition means I’ll spend the weekend doing what I love most – dancing! There’s no better way to celebrate being Not Dead.

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