New work published at TRIVIA

I’m thrilled to announce that I have two pieces up in the new issue of TRIVIA: Voices of Feminisma flash fiction entitled “Fleeing Oklahoma,” and a poem entitled “You Can See the Silence.” The poem page also features a recording of the poem.

This issue of TRIVIA also features work by my poetry teacher, Abe Louise Young. I’m really excited that I get to appear alongside her. The entire issue is excellent, featuring some fantastic writers and photographers, and I hope you enjoy the work that appears there.

4 thoughts on “New work published at TRIVIA

  1. p.s. Nice to hear your voice, as well as read the words.

    also, love this line:

    This is Texas, where summer
    heat makes gossip
    rise like dough.

    1. Thanks, Drew! This publication is definitely exciting, and I hope to work with TRIVIA again in the future. The editors are excellent.

  2. I also liked getting to hear your voice along with the poem.

    What a small world. I’ve met one of the Editors a few times.
    I’ve had pieces included in a couple of issues of her other project called “Canyon Voices” (, so I was able to read at their respective launch parties.

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