October Unprocessed: A Little More Than Halfway There

I’m a little more than halfway through October Unprocessed. Despite the fact that I feel fantastic, this has gotten to be a genuine challenge, which I didn’t expect. I assumed that it would be really tough at the beginning, and get easier as the month progressed. Instead, the first week was easy, and it’s gottenContinue reading “October Unprocessed: A Little More Than Halfway There”

Weekend Adventures: Austin Rocks!

What a weekend! I really shouldn’t be blogging. I should be asleep. But this weekend was excellent, and I need to brag about it. This past weekend was the inaugural Austin Rocks! event, which is part of The Challenge. The fabulous Taletha Jouzdani (who just so happens to be my instructor), hosted the event. AndContinue reading “Weekend Adventures: Austin Rocks!”

Houston Poetry Fest this weekend!

It’s almost the weekend! Which means it’s almost time for the Houston Poetry Fest. I’ve never attended before, so I’m especially excited to check the festival out and see the readings. I’ll only be going for Saturday, unfortunately, because I have things to do in Austin on Sunday, but I do look forward to seeingContinue reading “Houston Poetry Fest this weekend!”

September Writing Accomplishments

I had a busy September! Here’s a look at what I accomplished writing-wise: Wrote 43 poems Submitted 10 poems (3 rejected, 7 pending) Received a poetry acceptance from a submission a few months ago Had a poem appear at A Handful of Stones Completed my chapbook manuscript, entitled We’re Smaller Than We Think We AreContinue reading “September Writing Accomplishments”

Flash Fiction Challenge – Plucked From the Pages of History

Chuck Wendig is hosting another of his excellent flash fiction challenges. I haven’t participated in a long time due to various other projects, but I’m trying to get focused on writing flash fiction again. So here is my effort for “Plucked from the Pages of History.”  The person (well, people) I chose are more famousContinue reading “Flash Fiction Challenge – Plucked From the Pages of History”

Infinite Summer – Halfway There! (Early!)

This evening, after work and a haircut and dancing, I sat down to read a bit of Infinite Jest. A few minutes ago, I reached the section break of page 507, which, according to the Index, means I am just over 51% of the way finished with the book. Also according to the Index, IContinue reading “Infinite Summer – Halfway There! (Early!)”