Two Recent Poetry Publications!

Although I haven’t been devoting much time to poetry lately, some of the pieces I sent out earlier this year have been accepted and published. First, a poem called “Awake at All Hours” appeared in the most recent issue of Ardent! The piece was inspired by reading Eavan Boland (though is not an attempt at imitation),Continue reading “Two Recent Poetry Publications!”

Infinite Summer, Day 3

I got up to page 55 today. In recent months, I’ve complained quite a bit about literary fiction. Much of what I read in literary journals bores me. It’s beautiful, elegant – and nothing happens. I’ve gotten quite enamored with well-written genre fiction which, as one person put it, has both action and ambiance. Given thatContinue reading “Infinite Summer, Day 3”

Infinite Summer, Day 1

I’m ending day one a bit ahead of schedule; I read halfway through page 27 on my lunch hour at work. Some miscellaneous thoughts: I skipped the Eggers introduction. I don’t typically like to read introductions when I’m starting something new and exciting. I wanted to go into this book not knowing anything (other thanContinue reading “Infinite Summer, Day 1”

Story a Day Report for May 5th

Title: Untitled Genre: Flash fiction Word Count: 156 words Total Time: 10 minutes Comments: I wrote this piece for another one of Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenges, but I’m not sure it’s going to get posted. The muse has really not been around this week. I keep writing because I committed to writing, but so farContinue reading “Story a Day Report for May 5th”

Story a Day Report for May 4th

Title: My Best Friend Word Count: Not sure. I typed this by hand. I’m going to guess around 500. Total Time: 40 minutes Genre: Mainstream Comments: Still struggling to get words out this week. My friend’s death has me in a bit of a funk. Still, I’m pushing through and working. I love the idea in the story, I justContinue reading “Story a Day Report for May 4th”