Seeking actors for Frontera Fest

Hello, readers! I’m thrilled to announce that my one-act play, Hand in Unloveable Hand, will be going up as part of Frontera Fest this January. I’m excited to be taking on the roll of director as well as actor. To that end, I’m seeking actors for two speaking roles and one nonspeaking role. Speaking Roles: 1Continue reading “Seeking actors for Frontera Fest”

Poet About Town: August Open Mics

I’m excited to be the featured poet at two excellent open mics this month. First, I’ll be featuring at the BookWoman Second Thursday Open Mic on August 8th. The reading starts at 7:15, and is followed by a round-robin open mic, so bring poems to share! On August 22nd, I’ll be one of the co-features atContinue reading “Poet About Town: August Open Mics”

Feminist Friday: Austin Voter Registration Round-Up

If you’ve been following the news around Texas (and many other parts of the country), you know it’s been quite a week. Rick Perry signed new abortion restrictions into law yesterday morning. I couldn’t make it, but I watched a live feed online, feeling sick the entire time. When Jon asked why I was torturingContinue reading “Feminist Friday: Austin Voter Registration Round-Up”

Poet About Town: Addendum (Radio Edition)

I’m back from a great trip to North Carolina, tired but happy. While I was away, I realized that I forgot to add something exciting to my Poet About Town post from last week. This Wednesday, I’ll be featured on Writing on the Air, a show hosted on 91.7 KOOP. I’ll be talking about myContinue reading “Poet About Town: Addendum (Radio Edition)”

Supporting my feminist bookstore, because she supports me

  BookWoman is the cornerstone of my literary career so far. I worked there in 2009 and 2010, and through the store I met Debra Winegarten and thus became a member of the Austin Writergrrls. Helping with the store’s open mic, I met lots of local poets, and gradually found a place in the localContinue reading “Supporting my feminist bookstore, because she supports me”