Feminist Friday: Volunteers Needed for Rethinking Power & Resistance/Re-imaginando el Poder y la Resistencia

Rethinking Power & Resistance: Gender & Human Rights from Texas to the Transnational is a conference that will be held October 5th-6th in Austin, Texas. The bilingual event brings scholars and activists together for discussion, organization, and collaboration. The conference is currently in need of volunteers in the following areas: 1) English/Spanish translators/interpreters Are you fluentContinue reading “Feminist Friday: Volunteers Needed for Rethinking Power & Resistance/Re-imaginando el Poder y la Resistencia”

Signal Boost: Feminist Poetry Festival

For those of you who read both this blog and Literary Austin, apologies for the double post. I know a good chunk of people read one blog or the other, so I’m reposting from the original Literary Austin post to make sure this information gets to everyone. I’m planning a literary event, and I needContinue reading “Signal Boost: Feminist Poetry Festival”

Weekend Adventures Part 2: Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival

Last year, it was 112 degrees on the day of the Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival; on top of that, there was still one more day for ArmadilloCon. While the festival has been a must-attend for Jon and me ever since we lived here, between the weather and the conflict, we decided to skip out.Continue reading “Weekend Adventures Part 2: Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival”

Feminist Friday: Kimberly Chapman and Feminist Romance

As a former romance editor, one of the things that frustrated me was a lack of feminist aspects to the genre. Sexism, either explicit or implicit, ran through nearly every book I read. And what frustrated me most is that I felt that it didn’t have to be that way. Romantic love and feminism areContinue reading “Feminist Friday: Kimberly Chapman and Feminist Romance”

Summer Adventures: Foundation Graffiti

Austin has had an unusually rainy week, which means cloudy skies and cooler temperatures. When the heat is (slightly) less intense, that means more exploring.   A few weeks ago, Jon went to lunch with a friend, and they happened upon Foundation Graffiti. A vacant lot just off of Lamar (if you’re heading southbound onContinue reading “Summer Adventures: Foundation Graffiti”

Farmers’ Market Report: Downtown

This past Saturday, my friend Amanda and I ventured out to the Downtown Farmers’ Market. I’d been there a number of times already, but it was Amanda’s first visit. And though I wasn’t a first-time visitor, it had been too long since I’d been there. This particular market has expanded quite a bit since IContinue reading “Farmers’ Market Report: Downtown”