First Blood [IndieInk Challenge]

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Sir challenged me with “‘When does the fun start?’, he asked, blood dripping slowly from the knife in his right hand.” and I challenged Cedar with “Write a narrative constructed out of a series of haiku.” Note: You might have guessed from the prompt, but this post isContinue reading “First Blood [IndieInk Challenge]”

October Unprocessed: A Little More Than Halfway There

I’m a little more than halfway through October Unprocessed. Despite the fact that I feel fantastic, this has gotten to be a genuine challenge, which I didn’t expect. I assumed that it would be really tough at the beginning, and get easier as the month progressed. Instead, the first week was easy, and it’s gottenContinue reading “October Unprocessed: A Little More Than Halfway There”