Flash Fiction Challenge: Photos of Impossible Places

Chuck Wendig’s most recent flash fiction challenge is entitled “Photos of Impossible Places.” And while the photos he links to truly are otherworldly (but for some reason, the link no longer works), looking at them made me think of Enchanted Rock which, while less fantastic than the photos, always seems like another planet while I’mContinue reading “Flash Fiction Challenge: Photos of Impossible Places”

Flash Fiction Challenge – Plucked From the Pages of History

Chuck Wendig is hosting another of his excellent flash fiction challenges. I haven’t participated in a long time due to various other projects, but I’m trying to get focused on writing flash fiction again. So here is my effort for “Plucked from the Pages of History.”  The person (well, people) I chose are more famousContinue reading “Flash Fiction Challenge – Plucked From the Pages of History”

Another flash fiction challenge

Chuck Wendig is hosting another flash fiction challenge at his blog. This time, we’re limited to three sentences. Untitled “The king died and then the queen died” is a story. “The king died and then the queen died of grief” is a plot. The student chucked the textbook across the room and went to theContinue reading “Another flash fiction challenge”

Terribleminds Flash Fiction Challenge

I’m a big fan of Chuck Wendig, and I’m also a fan of flash fiction. Thus, when Chuck Wendig issues a flash fiction challenge, I heed the call. Well, sometimes. Whenever I’m not trying to finish ten thousand other projects. The current challenge is to create a piece of flash fiction using these five words,Continue reading “Terribleminds Flash Fiction Challenge”