Infinite Summer – Halfway There! (Early!)

This evening, after work and a haircut and dancing, I sat down to read a bit of Infinite Jest. A few minutes ago, I reached the section break of page 507, which, according to the Index, means I am just over 51% of the way finished with the book. Also according to the Index, IContinue reading “Infinite Summer – Halfway There! (Early!)”

Infinite Summer, Day 3

I got up to page 55 today. In recent months, I’ve complained quite a bit about literary fiction. Much of what I read in literary journals bores me. It’s beautiful, elegant – and nothing happens. I’ve gotten quite enamored with well-written genre fiction which, as one person put it, has both action andĀ ambiance. Given thatContinue reading “Infinite Summer, Day 3”

Infinite Summer, Day 1

I’m ending day one a bit ahead of schedule; I read halfway through page 27 on my lunch hour at work. Some miscellaneous thoughts: I skipped the Eggers introduction. I don’t typically like to read introductions when I’m starting something new and exciting. I wanted to go into this book not knowing anything (other thanContinue reading “Infinite Summer, Day 1”