New Nonfiction Published

This week, Trivia: Voices of Feminism launched its newest issue, which includes my short memoir, “The First Six Months of Survival.” The essay is about loss of fellow writer and dear friend Reesa Brown, and brings to the fold some of the most important books I read during that time. It’s interesting how things have changedContinue reading “New Nonfiction Published”

And we have pre-order!

That’s right! We’re Smaller Than We Think We Are is now available for pre-order. Finishing Line Press is offering a shipping discount for anyone who reserves a copy between now and February 27th. I’ve spent today pretty much just bouncing off the walls. If I’m this excited now, I can only imagine how hyper I’ll beContinue reading “And we have pre-order!”

And now for the big announcement!

I’ve been holding onto this news for about two weeks now, but I wanted to wait until the contract had been signed and the release date had been set before I put this out to the entire internet. I am thrilled to announce that Finishing Line Press has accepted my chapbook, We’re Smaller Than We ThinkContinue reading “And now for the big announcement!”

A Blackbird Sings now available!

Back in January, I took up the challenge of  writing one small stone every day for the entire month. Two of those pieces were selected for A Blackbird Sings, which is now available on Kindle in both the US and the UK. (UK readers can also preorder the paperback here; US paperback coming soon.) I loveContinue reading “A Blackbird Sings now available!”

Work published at Haiku Journal

I have an haiku in issue 13 of Haiku Journal. The entire issue is free online, and I’m proud to be sharing space with such wonderful writing. I especially love this one by Peter Sacco: Between each movement the trio rests ─ the dark hall echoes with coughing My own contribution to this issue was writtenContinue reading “Work published at Haiku Journal”