There Are Monkeys Everywhere [IndieInk Writing Challenge]

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Sherree challenged me with “There were monkeys everywhere, and that wasn’t a good thing.” and I challenged SAM with “Write a piece in which a can of soda is of significant importance.” There Are Monkeys Everywhere The monkeys still jump on the bed, and the sight fills meContinue reading “There Are Monkeys Everywhere [IndieInk Writing Challenge]”

In which I finally realize that math is awesome

I didn’t like math when I was growing up. I wasn’t especially great at it, either. Not horrible, but not fantastic. After a semester of precalculus in college, in which I got a B through hours upon hours having the material re-explained to me in office hours, I threw math aside and never looked back.Continue reading “In which I finally realize that math is awesome”