April Poetry Contest: Villanelle

April is my birthday month! And the villanelle is my favorite form. So this month, the contest prompt is to write a villanelle incorporating at least one of the following: Glitter Peonies Oolong tea The beach A word in a language other than English Spaghetti carbonara Craftsman furniture Cedar Point Email your poem to allyson@allysonwhipple.comContinue reading “April Poetry Contest: Villanelle”

Let’s Spend a Year Studying Form

While I mostly write in free verse, most of my poet friends know that I love form. In fact, even in my free verse, I usually incorporate some formal aspect… Something that my MFA thesis advisor and I butted heads about on a regular basis! Even though I don’t regularly write with rhyme and meter,Continue reading “Let’s Spend a Year Studying Form”

March Poetry Contest: Equanimity

March is the month of the spring equinox. My favorite equinox memory is when my 9th grade geography teacher brought Double-Stuff Oreos for all of her students, because they had equal parts light and dark. (Apparently the true balance of this particular cookie has been debunked, but it remains a wonderful memory nonetheless.) For theContinue reading “March Poetry Contest: Equanimity”