Published Work


One senryu in Failed Haiku Issue 75


One senryu in Failed Haiku Issue 73

One haiku in the Poetry Pea Journal, Autumn 2021

One senryu in Failed Haiku Issue 70

From the Garage Floor” in Voicemail Poems, May 2021


One haiku in Cattails October 2020

One haiku in Hedgerow 131

Poetry in the Age of Information Overload” at Ariel Publishing

One haiku in Frogpond 43.2

One haiku in Cattails April 2020

Doing Away with Namaste” at Shut Up and Yoga


One haiku in haikuniverse, November 2017

Rules for Surviving an American Dictatorship” in WORDPEACE, Summer/Fall 2017

Heartbreak on the Hill” in Parks and Points, Spring 2017

Halving Papaya” in Voicemail Poems, January 2017


One haiku in Bones 11

Rules for Gentrification” in the San Antonio Express-News, November 2016

“Everything is Fine” in Issue 3 of Donut Factory (Summer 2016)

“Democracy and Exile,” “Mutilation,” and “The best part of a love affair is walking up the stairs” in Scarlet Leaf Review (Spring 2016)

“Delayed-Onset Grief” in Issue 9 of Tigershark (Spring 2016)

“If the Campaign is Protracted” in Issue 8 of NonBinary Review (Spring 2016)

“This is Not a Pig” in Gyroscope Review (Spring 2016)

“Ten Days Before Christmas” in Contemporary Haibun Online (Spring 2016)

“Fleeing Where I’m From” in The Phoenix Soul (Spring 2016)

Rules for Flying” in Zingara Poetry Picks (March 2016)

While I Was Trying to Avoid Falling In Love” in The Texas Observer (February 2016)

Gunfire” and “Come and Take It” in Elohi Gadugi Journal (Winter 2016)


Rest Stop” in Zingara Poetry Picks (December 2015)

“If I Was Not a Good Girl” in Yellow Chair Review #5

“Missing Out” and “Rules for Taking a Punch” in Huizache #5

Tonight There Were Sirens” in The Literary Nest (October 2015)

“Had There Been Peace,” Blue Hole (October 2015)

“Where Rivers Come From,” The Enigmatist (August 2015)

I always forget where things belong” in Ragazine (April 2015)


On Mustang Island” in Extracts: Daily Dose of  Lit (December 2014)

“Whittled by Wind, Shaped by Water” in the 2015 Texas Poetry Calendar

Postscript to Grief” in Postcard Poems and Prose (October 2014)

Where Clouds Come From” in Postcard Poems and Prose (September 2014)

Waiting on the Marfa Lights” in Postcard Poems and Prose (September 2014)

Cat haiku in 50 Haikus (September 2014)

“Lunar Meditation” and “We say that we need freedom” in Best Austin Poetry 2012-2014

Unstructured Sky” in Unsplendid 5.3 and 6.1

Come Into the World Like That,” “Dismantling Legacies,” and “I Don’t Have a Vermont Poem” in When Women Waken (June 2014)

Travel Notes” in By&By Poetry, Issue 5

Temptation Highway” in The Voices Project (June 2014)

“Final Destination” and “Off the path” in The Enigmatist (Spring 2014)

“The last words spoken by a female death row inmate in Texas,” AIPF Di-verse-city Anthology 2014


Haiku in the Judd’s Hill Winery poetry anthology (December 2013)

“I am, I am, I am” in Blue Hole Magazine (Fall 2013)

3 haiku at A Handful of Stones (November-December 2013)

Mitzvah” in issue 74 of Crack the Spine

Warden, Murder Me” in New Verse News, August 2013

“Enter Here” and “Seeing in Longhorn Cavern” in Best of Austin Poetry 2011-2012 (May 2013)

One haiga in Lifting the Sky: Southwestern Haiku and Haiga from Dos Gatos Press (April 2013)

Thirty poems for Pulitzer Remix (April 2013)

“On Hold” and “Apology Letter to a Stranger” in Mercury Retrograde: Fried Electronics, Transportation Mishaps, Snarles Communications (Kattywompus Press, March 2013)

“I hear the thunder” in Journey to Crone from Chuffed Buff Books (March 2013)

The letter I haven’t been sending,” “Portrait in IMC,” “This morning, I remembered:,” and “Introduction to French Language and Culture” in JustThis (January 2013)

Thirty-one poems in the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project (January 2013)

Refinieries” — Southern Women’s Review(January 2013)


A Soul for an Hour” in the San Antonio Express-News, 12/16/12

The First Six Months of Survival” – Trivia: Voices of Feminism

“Eight Seconds” in Blue Hole: A Magazine of the Georgetown Poetry Festival (2012)

Two small stones in A Blackbird Sings: a book of short poems, 10/10/12

“How you know you are one with your city,” “Lived-In,” “Prohibition,” and “Sometimes, a man’s body”Twenty Something Press, 9/28/12

Drought haiku — Haiku Journal, issue 13, 9/1/12 (also available in the Haiku Journal paperback anthology)

What is dust?” — Big River Poetry Review, 8/27/12

Erosion Haiku” — Extracts, 8/8/12

“For Reference” — Shared on the 100 Million Girls open poetry thread, 7/10/12

Lizard” — Your Daily Poem, 7/3/12

“290 West, top down” – 2013 Texas Poetry Calendar

“Bonded”  – Ephemera zine #5

You Can See the Silence” – TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism

Fleeing Oklahoma” – TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism

“Eulogy” in the San Antonio Current

“S/m” – Southern Women’s Review (February 2012)

“Traversing Houston By Bus” – 2012 Texas Poetry Calendar 


Siesta Key, Christmas” – Every Day Poets

“Nellie McClung” and “Mary Daly” – Feminist Writings from Ancient Times to the Modern World: A Global Sourcebook and History, edited by Dr. Tiffany K. Wayne.

Nawal El Saadawi’s Woman at Point Zero and the Complexities of Prostitution” – Her Circle Ezine

“Song of the Triangle” in Crucible, Fall 2011 issue

“Facing Death” – Ardent!

“I believe in wet paint” – Blue Hole: A Magazine of the Georgetown Poetry Festival (2011)

An untitled haiku about fire ants – A Handful of Stones, 9/2/2011

“Awake at All Hours” – Ardent!

“Distillation” in the San Antonio Current


Two Poems (“Love Song to a ’94 Honda” and “Vacant Lot”) – Carcinogenic Poetry

Goldfinch” – The Cleveland Review

“I want to dance barefoot on the grave of history” – Young American Poets