Chapbook Interview: Julie Bloss Kelsey

We’re in the final three days of preorder for the Cuttlefish Books Summer Book Launch! I’m grateful to all of you who have ordered copies so far. Earlier this month, I featured fellow Cuttlefish poet Lenard D. Moore, and today I want to feature the other member of my cohort: Julie Bloss Kelsey. Julie createsContinue reading “Chapbook Interview: Julie Bloss Kelsey”

Chapbook Interview: Lenard D. Moore

If you’ve been following any of my social media this month, you know that I’m thrilled to be in the company of Lenard D. Moore as part of the Cuttlefish Books 2023 Summer Book Launch. Lenard is a military veteran, executive chair of the North Carolina Haiku Society, founder and executive chair of the CarolinaContinue reading “Chapbook Interview: Lenard D. Moore”

Now in Preorder: Postcards from Texas

I’m thrilled to announce the forthcoming publication of my third poetry chapbook, Postcards from Texas, now available for preorder from Cuttlefish Books. This chapbook is my first that is devoted exclusively to haiku, and represents the shift in my creative focus since 2020. You can find the preorder link here: The haiku in PostcardsContinue reading “Now in Preorder: Postcards from Texas”

Making Room for New Words

While the details are still in progress, I’m excited to announce that I plan to release two new chapbooks in 2023! One will be a self-published collection of free verse, and the other will be my first haiku collection published by Cuttlefish Books, a small press out of my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Both chapbooksContinue reading “Making Room for New Words”

Supporting my feminist bookstore, because she supports me

  BookWoman is the cornerstone of my literary career so far. I worked there in 2009 and 2010, and through the store I met Debra Winegarten and thus became a member of the Austin Writergrrls. Helping with the store’s open mic, I met lots of local poets, and gradually found a place in the localContinue reading “Supporting my feminist bookstore, because she supports me”

And now for the big announcement!

I’ve been holding onto this news for about two weeks now, but I wanted to wait until the contract had been signed and the release date had been set before I put this out to the entire internet. I am thrilled to announce that Finishing Line Press has accepted my chapbook, We’re Smaller Than We ThinkContinue reading “And now for the big announcement!”