Feminist Friday: Collaborating with the Patriarchy

This blog post is a year old, but just because it’s been around the internet awhile does not make it any less awesome. Over at the blog Social Justice League, Rachael wrote an amazing post entitled “J’accuse? On women who ‘collaborate’ with the patriarchy.” I was pretty much cheering right from the introduction: Being highlyContinue reading “Feminist Friday: Collaborating with the Patriarchy”

Feminist Friday: Feminist F.A.Q.s

[EDIT: When this post went live, I noticed something was wonky with my YouTube embedding, and the same video had been embedded three times. Not sure what happened there! It should be fixed now.] [EDIT 2: YouTube apparently hates me tonight, and refuses to display more than one video multiple times. Thanks, YouTube.] Recently, I’veContinue reading “Feminist Friday: Feminist F.A.Q.s”

Feminist Friday: Ana Božičević on Madame Bovary

It’s Banned Books Month, and Pen is running a series of blog posts about controversial books. Yesterday, Anna Božičević  had an excellent post about Madame Bovary. Božičević  starts by talking about the prosecution of the novel after its successful serial run, noting: it is precisely this contrast between the “true/just/right” and the “good” that is on trial:Continue reading “Feminist Friday: Ana Božičević on Madame Bovary”

Feminist Friday: Volunteers Needed for Rethinking Power & Resistance/Re-imaginando el Poder y la Resistencia

Rethinking Power & Resistance: Gender & Human Rights from Texas to the Transnational is a conference that will be held October 5th-6th in Austin, Texas. The bilingual event brings scholars and activists together for discussion, organization, and collaboration. The conference is currently in need of volunteers in the following areas: 1) English/Spanish translators/interpreters Are you fluentContinue reading “Feminist Friday: Volunteers Needed for Rethinking Power & Resistance/Re-imaginando el Poder y la Resistencia”

Feminist Friday: Gendered Pens

I know that a good chunk of the internet has already posted some excellent snark about this topic (see Sociological Images and Buzzfeed), but it made me laugh so hard that I couldn’t help but share as well. The BIC corporation decided that they needed to launch a line of pens “for her.” You know,Continue reading “Feminist Friday: Gendered Pens”

Feminist Friday: Beyond Girlfriend Mode

Depending on how much you pay attention to the world, you may or may not have heard that writer John Hemingway used the term “Girlfriend Mode” when describing the beginner levels in the videogame Borderlands II. As you can imagine, many of us took issue with that, for what I hope are obvious reasons. (I’mContinue reading “Feminist Friday: Beyond Girlfriend Mode”

Feminist Friday: Kimberly Chapman and Feminist Romance

As a former romance editor, one of the things that frustrated me was a lack of feminist aspects to the genre. Sexism, either explicit or implicit, ran through nearly every book I read. And what frustrated me most is that I felt that it didn’t have to be that way. Romantic love and feminism areContinue reading “Feminist Friday: Kimberly Chapman and Feminist Romance”

Feminist Friday: 100 Million Girls

Austin attorney and poet Sheree Rabe is using her writing to raise awareness about a cause that is only getting marginal attention (at best) in American media: over 100 million female babies being fatally neglected in China, India, and other countries. (Link opens to a PDF.) While China’s one-child policy and its effects on theContinue reading “Feminist Friday: 100 Million Girls”

Feminist Friday: Con Anti-Harassment Project

Last week on Google+, someone I follow linked to the Con Anti-Harassment Project. The mission is simple, but powerful: The Con Anti-Harassment Project is a grass-roots campaign designed to help make conventions safer for everyone. Our aims are to encourage fandom, geek community and other non-business conventions to establish, articulate and act upon anti-harassment policies, especially sexual harassment policies, and to encourageContinue reading “Feminist Friday: Con Anti-Harassment Project”