Poet About Town: Addendum (Radio Edition)

I’m back from a great trip to North Carolina, tired but happy. While I was away, I realized that I forgot to add something exciting to my Poet About Town post from last week. This Wednesday, I’ll be featured on Writing on the Air, a show hosted on 91.7 KOOP. I’ll be talking about myContinue reading “Poet About Town: Addendum (Radio Edition)”

Poet About Town: Wandering Edition

This weekend, I’m attending the Southern Writers Symposium. (I’m writing and scheduling this post ahead of time, but hopefully by the time this gets published, Jon and I will be about ready to land in North Carolina.) I’m looking forward to a change of scenery, especially because I’ve only been to North Carolina once andContinue reading “Poet About Town: Wandering Edition”

January Poetry Forecast

I’ve got some literary excitement headed my way this month! First, I’m guest-hosting the BookWoman Poetry Open Mic on January 10th. The event will feature Gloria Amescua. Gloria Amescua is an inaugural member of CantoMundo, a national Latino poetry community. She resides in Austin, Texas and received a Masters degree from the University of Texas inContinue reading “January Poetry Forecast”

Poet About Town (Georgetown and San Antonio Edition)

I’ll be reading at two Texas Poetry Calendar events this month. Both are free and open to the public, so come on by if you have the time. First, I’ll be participating in the Texas Poetry Calendar reading at the Georgetown Poetry Festival. The reading will run from 1-3:30, but there will be poetry events running FridayContinue reading “Poet About Town (Georgetown and San Antonio Edition)”