The Artist’s Way, Weeks 4-5

So I survived the week of no reading. It was tougher than an entire month of unprocessed food. I need reading way more than I need artificial preservatives and white flour. It was a pretty frustrating week, because my primary method of relaxation was just gone. I realize the point of the week was toContinue reading “The Artist’s Way, Weeks 4-5”

The Artist’s Way: Week 2

I finished week two of┬áThe Artist’s Way on Saturday, amidst the fun of the Georgetown Poetry Festival. The whole week was busy, between general life, working on the poetry festival, and an emergency root canal (one of the teeth damaged in my car accident a few years ago decided to start dying). I ended theContinue reading “The Artist’s Way: Week 2”

The Artist’s Way: Week One

  I’ve been hearing about┬áThe Artist’s Way ever since I moved to Austin, and saw it on the shelves on a regular basis when I worked at BookWoman. I have to admit, for the past four years, I thought it looked incredibly hokey. I knew lots of people who had done it, but I couldn’tContinue reading “The Artist’s Way: Week One”