Weekend Adventures

I realized as I sat down to write this post that I didn’t actually take any photos this weekend. I guess after weeks of travel and taking touristy photos at every turn, I needed a break from the camera.

This weekend was fairly low-key. Last weekend we were in NYC, two weekends before that I was dancing in Philadelphia. I’ve had a lot of travel, and I just needed to chill out and relax.

Well, chilling out didn’t happen much in the literal way. Our air conditioning went out at 5 a.m. on Friday, and by the time we got home from work, it still wasn’t fixed. Fortunately, I kicked the weekend off eating sushi with my friend Missy in the blissfully temperate Korea House. After that, though, it was off to the toasty apartment. We had repair people in and out most of the night trying to diagnose the problem. As it turns out, it was a mechanical issue with the A/C unit, AND we had a problem with the circuit breaker. The A/C unit itself got fixed, but we couldn’t run it until the breaker was taken care of, and that wasn’t happening that evening. Fortunately, a neighbor loaned us his portable unit, so the bedroom was comfortable.

Since I was already sweaty, I decided to head out to Kick Butt Blues and dance for awhile. I stayed for a few hours and got to socialize with some of my favorite dancers. And I was actually cooler than I would have been at home!

After a still-sweaty night, I woke up on Saturday, took a cold shower, and then went for a dip in the always-cool Barton Springs. Afterwards, I made my way to the downtown Farmers Market. I picked up eggplants, yellow tomatoes, leeks, chipotle-cilantro pasta, whole goat’s milk, and antelope sausage. I hadn’t been to the market in months, and I was excited  by my finds.

After hanging around the cool bedroom watching Veronica Mars, Jon and I went climbing at the Austin Rock Gym. We took the basic belay course. Unfortunately, I still have a lingering fear of heights, so I didn’t have the best time. I hope that Jon gets a climbing buddy soon, because rock climbing is not my ideal way to spend a weekend.

I wanted to cook dinner with my fantastic farmers market finds, but I wasn’t about to attempt it in my hot kitchen. So we went over to my dance partner’s house and cooked him dinner! I made a quiche with the antelope sausage and some of the tomatoes. Then we watched a film called Red Belt, which was quite good.

Today, I woke up and did some yoga, and then met my friend Gillian at Curra’s for brunch, followed by more time at Barton Springs. Then I went to visit my friend Reesa in the hospital. While I was out, the electrician came by and fixed the breaker, so I arrived at a cool apartment! To celebrate, I made the pasta from the farmers market, using the rest of the tomatoes, the goat’s milk, and some goat cheese to make a sort of tomato sauce/roux blend.

Tomorrow begins another week! I have a lot of plans, including beginning Infinite Jest. If all goes according to plan, I’ll write about my reading experiences here. Stay tuned!

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