Weekend Adventures

I had such a busy weekend that I’m glad my Monday night ended up being pretty boring. I needed this evening to chill out.

Friday started with a trip to Peche, to bid farewell to a coworker who left my company to focus on her music. I already miss her presence in the office, but I wish her well, and know she’s destined for great things.

After that, I headed up to Round Rock to deliver some Christmas gifts to Reesa and Nathan’s kids. Earlier this week, I had a great time picking out some holiday books for their daughter, and chose The Polar Express and Herschel and the Hannukah Goblins, both favorites of my childhood. I hope she loves them as much as I do.

Once we got back from Round Rock, Jon and I were pretty much done for the night. It had been a long week, and our Saturday was going to be busy. We grabbed a quick dinner at Enchiladas Y Mas and then chilled out with a little television.

Saturday morning was all about running errands, and then we met up with our friends Carly and Trent. I’ll be pet-sitting their lizard while they’re traveling for the holidays, and I wanted to make sure I knew the ins and outs of iguana care. After that, we went up to Vino Vino for a wine tasting, where we got to sample thirty sparkling wines and snack on some fantastic cheese. We’ve ordered a few nice bottles for the holidays, which should be in just in time for Christmas.

After Vino Vino, we hit up NeWorld Deli for some sandwiches, and then parted company for the afternoon. At Carly’s suggestion, we watched a few episodes of Louis, which I really enjoyed, despite not liking Louis C.K.’s stand-up. Then, we played a few rounds of Tetris Link (the Tetris board game, which Jon bought because I am in love with all things Tetris), it was time to meet up with friends at Opal Divine’s for trivia.

One of my favorite things about Opal’s is the hot cocktails they have during winter. Including the flaming eggnog:

Probably better than a Flaming Homer AND a Flaming Moe!

Our team did okay in trivia, taking 9th place. Which is pretty good, but not good enough for us, because we’re competitive like that. We need to get an edge if we’re going to do well at Geek Bowl in January!

Sunday meant our usual Torchy’s run, and then a walk through our new neighborhood (we’ve been there a month now, but we’ve been traveling so much that we haven’t really gotten to know the place yet). After that, I worked on poetry for a few hours before joining my friend Lynn to visit Reesa in the hospital, where she’s still struggling with cancer. I’m hoping for her recovery in 2012.

I got back from the hospital just in time to attend the winter solstice celebration at BookWoman. There was a lineup of fantastic readings from local poets and fiction writers, and I was so inspired by everyone’s work that I came home and wrote two more poems right away.

Tiff Holland reads a hilarious story.

When I returned, Jon and I realized there was no food in the fridge, so we begrudgingly went out to stock up on supplies for the week (curse our bodies, needing to eat). It was another chill evening, and the perfect way to wrap up a great weekend.

This weekend boats a lot of holiday cheer, since Channukah, Solstice, and Christmas all fall within days of each other. Hopefully when all is said and done I’ll get around to doing a write-up of all the amazing food I plan to cook this week. Happy holidays, everyone!

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