Weekend Adventures: Deep Eddy

(Note: In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve changed the focus of my Weekend Adventures posts. Rather than giving a rundown of everything I did, I’m focusing on one or two specific places I visited. They might be new, or they might be a revisit to somewhere I love, but right now I’m more interested in exploration and travel, even if I’m staying local.)

This past Saturday, my friend Carly and I went swimming at Deep Eddy. Carly is leaving Texas soon to take an amazing teaching job at the Illinois Institute of Technology, and while I’m thrilled for her, I’m going to miss her so much. She was one of my first enduring Texas friendships. So any time I get to spend with her this summer is especially important.

While I’ve been to Barton Springs fairly often (last year, when I worked in the ’04, I even had a season pass), and have been swimming at Lake Travis several times as well, I’d never been to Deep Eddy. But I’m glad we chose to swim there. Although the parking is just as frustrating as any other Austin hot spot, it was otherwise a smaller, more laid-back vibe than Barton Springs. As much as I enjoy Barton, it gets incredibly crowded on summer weekends, and Deep Eddy drew a smaller crowd. Plus, it’s exciting to say that I got to swim in one of the oldest (if not the oldest) public pool in Texas.

We sat under this tree. The sun shining through the branches was pretty much the photogenic highlight of my day.

Carly and I spent the afternoon just hanging out and talking. The sun was out, the water was cool, and the air wasn’t even all that hot. Though you can tell I’ve gotten very used to Texas when I describe mid-90s as “not that hot.” I don’t know what my Ohio self would make of me.

Deep Eddy is definitely a place I plan to visit again. It’s charming, laid-back, and relaxing. I need more summer afternoons like this one.

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