Midmonth Link Roundup

Looking for a new job? Resumebaking.com is a pretty nifty resume-building site.

Gillian Flynn on being a bad girl (or woman).

Chris Hallbeck has a Maximumble comic about those of us who get annoyed by too many photos of kids on social networking sites, and then post way too many pictures of our pets. Guilty as charged. Yep. I’m a hypocrite sometimes.

And over at Hallbeck’s original comic, The Book of Biff, there’s a comic that brings back some hilarious family memories.

I recently re-read “I carry your heart with me” for a nonfiction piece I’m working on. I love it more every time.

What’s writing like? R. K. MacPherson can tell you.

RIP Brent Grulke. Though I am admittedly a SxSW curmudgeon, I’m sad for my city’s loss.

Jay Lake is running a poll about the One True Girl Scout Cookie. If you don’t think that it’s Thin Mints, you’re wrong.

Five reasons to read indie authors.

Shoes made from human skin. Totally creepy. Also totally relevant to a fiction project I have in mind.

Storybundle. Pay what you want. Get seven ebooks.

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