Signal Boost: Feminist Poetry Festival

For those of you who read both this blog and Literary Austin, apologies for the double post. I know a good chunk of people read one blog or the other, so I’m reposting from the original Literary Austin post to make sure this information gets to everyone.

I’m planning a literary event, and I need your help!

Plans for the First Annual Austin Feminist Poetry Festival (working title) are underway. The tentative date is April 4th through 7th, and I am looking to recruit volunteers to help me plan and implement the event.

Anyone who wants to help is more than welcome. I have a particular need for people who can assist with fundraising and grantwriting, but anyone who is enthused and wants to help is more than welcome. This will be a big job, and the more the merrier!

Please note that this festival embodies an inclusive definition of feminism. It is not an event for women only (however you define the term). All feminist-identified people, regardless of sex/gender expression, are welcome to join the planning committee.

If interested, please contact me at Once I have ascertained interest, I’ll email interested people to set up our initial planning meeting.

Please feel free to share this with your various social networks, in order to reach people who might not read this blog, but who would be interested in participating.

4 thoughts on “Signal Boost: Feminist Poetry Festival

  1. I can’t volunteer since I’m already overloaded, and you’ll need a lot of help during my busiest months (cake show), but I’ll spread the word and hopefully be able to attend (depending on when they set the date for AFMF since I’m already committed to that).


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