Birdathon: American Coot

American Coots

Not everything that floats
is a duck. Or contains
the mythic beauty
of a swan. Or honks
a song all the way
across a continent.
Or inspires philosophy
and odes. We squeak
and clack, white beaks
stark against the black.
Not everything that flies
does so with grace.
We can race
into the sky, but our wings
strain against the air.
Not everything made
of meat is edible.
Not every game
is worth the chase.
We thrive on indifference.
Not every water bird
waddles. Watch us dig
our toes deep into the sand,
watch us root
ourselves to the world.

From April 1st until May 15th I’m taking part in Birdathon, a challenge I’m undertaking as as member of Travis County Audubon to raise money in support of local birds and their habitat. My goal is to raise $500, and I’m 35% of the way there! If you’d like to contribute to my campaign, visit my donation page.

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