April Poetry Contest: Villanelle

April is my birthday month! And the villanelle is my favorite form. So this month, the contest prompt is to write a villanelle incorporating at least one of the following: Glitter Peonies Oolong tea The beach A word in a language other than English Spaghetti carbonara Craftsman furniture Cedar Point Email your poem to allyson@allysonwhipple.comContinue reading “April Poetry Contest: Villanelle”

Let’s Spend a Year Studying Form

While I mostly write in free verse, most of my poet friends know that I love form. In fact, even in my free verse, I usually incorporate some formal aspect… Something that my MFA thesis advisor and I butted heads about on a regular basis! Even though I don’t regularly write with rhyme and meter,Continue reading “Let’s Spend a Year Studying Form”

March Poetry Contest: Equanimity

March is the month of the spring equinox. My favorite equinox memory is when my 9th grade geography teacher brought Double-Stuff Oreos for all of her students, because they had equal parts light and dark. (Apparently the true balance of this particular cookie has been debunked, but it remains a wonderful memory nonetheless.) For theContinue reading “March Poetry Contest: Equanimity”

The Best of It: I Survived the Texas Snowpocalypse Edition

That you can (usually) light gas stoves even when the power is out. That we had emergency bags filled with water and other supplies. The way the neighborhood came together to help each other out. Being able to charge my phone off of my portable car jump starter. Being able to flush the toilet again.

February Poetry Contest Winner

Another month, another delayed contest result. This time it was the fault of the Texas Snowpocalypse! I’m glad to be on the other side of that and getting things back on track. This month’s winner is Peter H. Schmidt. His golden shovel, “Rise Up,” draws from John Gillespie Magee’s “High Flight,” as well as “MyContinue reading “February Poetry Contest Winner”