Making Room for New Words

While the details are still in progress, I’m excited to announce that I plan to release two new chapbooks in 2023! One will be a self-published collection of free verse, and the other will be my first haiku collection published by Cuttlefish Books, a small press out of my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Both chapbooksContinue reading “Making Room for New Words”

New Nonfiction Published

This week, Trivia: Voices of Feminism launched its newest issue, which includes my short memoir, “The First Six Months of Survival.” The essay is about loss of fellow writer and dear friend Reesa Brown, and brings to the fold some of the most important books I read during that time. It’s interesting how things have changedContinue reading “New Nonfiction Published”

Pulitzer Remix, Weeks 3 and 4.

April has been a busy month, with little time for blogging. So I slacked off on linking to the Pulitzer Remix poems. But it’s the last night of this project, so time for one more roundup! April 15th: “Stranger” April 16th: “Break Free” April 17th: “Open Window” April 18th: “Ennui” April 19th: “It’s not beingContinue reading “Pulitzer Remix, Weeks 3 and 4.”

30/30 Project: Wrapping Up

The January portion of the 30/30 Project ended today. Thanks to everyone who donated as a result of our efforts. Your contributions are appreciated by press and poet alike. Final inspirations: Patti Smith albums (specifically Gung Ho and Peace and Noise), Lewis Turco’s “Paren(t)hesis” exercise in Wingbeats, Afaa Michael Weaver’s “The Bop” exercise in Wingbeats, the smell ofContinue reading “30/30 Project: Wrapping Up”

The Artist’s Way, Weeks 4-5

So I survived the week of no reading. It was tougher than an entire month of unprocessed food. I need reading way more than I need artificial preservatives and white flour. It was a pretty frustrating week, because my primary method of relaxation was just gone. I realize the point of the week was toContinue reading “The Artist’s Way, Weeks 4-5”

A Blackbird Sings now available!

Back in January, I took up the challenge of  writing one small stone every day for the entire month. Two of those pieces were selected for A Blackbird Sings, which is now available on Kindle in both the US and the UK. (UK readers can also preorder the paperback here; US paperback coming soon.) I loveContinue reading “A Blackbird Sings now available!”

August Accomplishments

August was one of my slower months for writing. Well, that’s not entirely true. It was a very good month for poetry; I just didn’t do much with other projects. Drafted 40 poems Submitted 21 poems Submitted chapbook Wrote and submitted a piece of creative nonfiction Began planning the First Annual Austin Feminist Poetry Festival AContinue reading “August Accomplishments”

New poem at Big River Poetry Review

At the Blue Willow reading last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting John Lambremont, Sr., editor of Big River Poetry Review. He drove all the way out from Baton Rouge to hear us read, and his presence was very much appreciated. Big River Poetry Review is a new publication; it debuted online this past spring.Continue reading “New poem at Big River Poetry Review”