Introducing Choice: Texas, A Very Serious Game

About a year ago, I became dissatisfied with the lack of political presence in my art. Although a feminist, I rarely enjoy engaging with political issues when creating art. Politics frequently exhausts me, and writing poetry was a way to disconnect from whatever current events were currently distressing me. But over time, it felt disingenuousContinue reading “Introducing Choice: Texas, A Very Serious Game”

Feminist Friday: Austin Voter Registration Round-Up

If you’ve been following the news around Texas (and many other parts of the country), you know it’s been quite a week. Rick Perry signed new abortion restrictions into law yesterday morning. I couldn’t make it, but I watched a live feed online, feeling sick the entire time. When Jon asked why I was torturingContinue reading “Feminist Friday: Austin Voter Registration Round-Up”

Feminist Friday: On Not Hitting on People

There has been quite a bit of discussion, at least on my part of the internet, on why hitting on people is not necessarily welcome. This is an issue that seems to cause a lot of misunderstanding, so I’m glad that it’s getting some attention and cross talk. I’m sharing some excerpts of my favoritesContinue reading “Feminist Friday: On Not Hitting on People”

Feminist Friday: Kelli Russell Agodon, “Respect Our Girls”

On Tuesdays, poet Kelli Russell Agodon does a post called “Confession Tuesday.”  Confessions are about writing, family, travel…just about anything. This past Tuesday’s post, the Respect Our Girls Edition, resonated with me so deeply that I wanted to post it here today. Growing up, I encountered a lot of mixed messages. Heck, these mixed messagesContinue reading “Feminist Friday: Kelli Russell Agodon, “Respect Our Girls””

Feminist Friday: Pussy Riot Imprisonment, One Year Later

On Feburary 21, 2012, members of the punk band Pussy Riot, staged a protest against Vladimir Putin in a Russian Orthodox church. Two members, Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, were sentenced to two years in jail. Yekaterina Samutsevich was imprisoned, but was released in October after hiring a new attorney. The remaining two members at the protest remain at large.Continue reading “Feminist Friday: Pussy Riot Imprisonment, One Year Later”

Supporting my feminist bookstore, because she supports me

  BookWoman is the cornerstone of my literary career so far. I worked there in 2009 and 2010, and through the store I met Debra Winegarten and thus became a member of the Austin Writergrrls. Helping with the store’s open mic, I met lots of local poets, and gradually found a place in the localContinue reading “Supporting my feminist bookstore, because she supports me”

Feminist Friday: The Friendzone

Warning: The post I am linking to is full of profanity. While it’s text only, it might not be safe for work.  Via Kimberly Chapman (who pretty much links to all the best feminist stuff on Google Plus): Yeti-Detective has an open letter to men in the friendzone. (If you don’t know what the friendzoneContinue reading “Feminist Friday: The Friendzone”