Feminist Friday: Answer To Yourself

  I had a couple of vague ideas for what I was going to write about for Feminist Friday this week. And then when I logged into WordPress, the first thing I saw was this post from wildfeministappears. And before I was halfway through, I knew I’d be sharing it this week. This post was particularlyContinue reading “Feminist Friday: Answer To Yourself”

Feminist Friday: Myths that need to die

Via DailyLife, by way of Kimberly Chapman: “Five myths about women that need to die in 2013.” Let’s take a look at them, shall we? (But go and read the full text; the snark is brilliant.) 1. Women are waiting for Prince Charming to marry them and put a bun in it. There’s a persistentlyContinue reading “Feminist Friday: Myths that need to die”

Feminist Friday: Derailment Bingo

I’ve had this bookmarked for several weeks now, waiting to share. It’s just been a matter of making time to blog. Via tumblinfeminist, may I present Derailment Bingo: If you’ve partaken in a discussion on the internet, you’ve seen at least one of these. In fact, you’ve probably seen them all at some point orContinue reading “Feminist Friday: Derailment Bingo”

Feminist Friday: Hollywood edition

Both of these articles are slightly old, but are new to me. Jon passed them along to me knowing I’d want to use them for this portion of my blog, so here you go! First up, “6 Insane Stereotypes that movies can’t seem to get over.” This article is a great dissection of a wholeContinue reading “Feminist Friday: Hollywood edition”

Feminist Friday: Jennifer Livingston

The above video made the rounds on the internet last week, so it’s slightly old news, but it’s so great that I had to share it again. For those of you who missed this one, a news anchor at a Wisconsin CBS station received a snarky letter from a viewer criticizing her for her weight.Continue reading “Feminist Friday: Jennifer Livingston”

Feminist Friday: Facing Feminism

Last week, Kelli Russell Agodon posted the above photo at her blog, announcing that it would be part of the Facing Feminism: Feminists I Know exhibition. From the opening of the Facing Feminism manifesto: FACING FEMINISM is a project in which, through art and words, the many different faces of feminism are visually demonstrated. ThisContinue reading “Feminist Friday: Facing Feminism”

Feminist Poetry Fest Website is Live!

The Austin Feminist Poetry Festival website is now up and running! It’s still in-progress, but I decided it was ready to go live. There’s even a place to donate if you want to help support the festival. I’ve set up a PayPal account, and I’m looking forward to setting up a bank account for theContinue reading “Feminist Poetry Fest Website is Live!”

Feminist Friday: Collaborating with the Patriarchy

This blog post is a year old, but just because it’s been around the internet awhile does not make it any less awesome. Over at the blog Social Justice League, Rachael wrote an amazing post entitled “J’accuse? On women who ‘collaborate’ with the patriarchy.” I was pretty much cheering right from the introduction: Being highlyContinue reading “Feminist Friday: Collaborating with the Patriarchy”

Feminist Friday: Feminist F.A.Q.s

[EDIT: When this post went live, I noticed something was wonky with my YouTube embedding, and the same video had been embedded three times. Not sure what happened there! It should be fixed now.] [EDIT 2: YouTube apparently hates me tonight, and refuses to display more than one video multiple times. Thanks, YouTube.] Recently, I’veContinue reading “Feminist Friday: Feminist F.A.Q.s”

Feminist Friday: Ana Božičević on Madame Bovary

It’s Banned Books Month, and Pen is running a series of blog posts about controversial books. Yesterday, Anna Božičević  had an excellent post about Madame Bovary. Božičević  starts by talking about the prosecution of the novel after its successful serial run, noting: it is precisely this contrast between the “true/just/right” and the “good” that is on trial:Continue reading “Feminist Friday: Ana Božičević on Madame Bovary”