Coming in 2013: Achieve your dreams with my new workshop!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m launching a workshop series for 2013. Starting in December (to kick the new year off right), I’ll be guiding students through goal-setting, weathering setbacks, and accomplishing their creative plans. Achieve Your Dreams 2013 What are your creative dreams for 2013? Do you want to write a book? Get aContinue reading “Coming in 2013: Achieve your dreams with my new workshop!”

The Artist’s Way, Weeks 4-5

So I survived the week of no reading. It was tougher than an entire month of unprocessed food. I need reading way more than I need artificial preservatives and white flour. It was a pretty frustrating week, because my primary method of relaxation was just gone. I realize the point of the week was toContinue reading “The Artist’s Way, Weeks 4-5”

The Artist’s Way: Week One

  I’ve been hearing about The Artist’s Way ever since I moved to Austin, and saw it on the shelves on a regular basis when I worked at BookWoman. I have to admit, for the past four years, I thought it looked incredibly hokey. I knew lots of people who had done it, but I couldn’tContinue reading “The Artist’s Way: Week One”

Notes on form: Haiku

Lately, I’ve been perusing Jane Reichold‘s essays, insights, and wisdom about haiku. I’ve especially been inspired by “Some Thoughts for Rethinking Haiku,” which posits a series of questions about the form. Since haiku often result as part of my small stones practice, I decided it would be a fun exercise to respond to these questionsContinue reading “Notes on form: Haiku”

The new Texas Poetry Calendar is here!

When I went to my poetry group on Monday, Scott Wiggerman handed me my contributor copy of the 2013 Texas Poetry Calendar. This is my second year appearing in the calendar, and I’m thrilled to be included again. My poem appears the last week of May this time around, sharing a page with the lovely “Crossing”Continue reading “The new Texas Poetry Calendar is here!”

Illegible Map [IndieInk Challenge]

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, littlewonder2 challenged me with “Write 42 words about a character lost in the dark.” and I challenged lisa with “Write a piece in which the entirety of the plot takes place in a fast food restaurant.” Illegible Map I know I’m doomed because the bright stars can’t provideContinue reading “Illegible Map [IndieInk Challenge]”

On Second Thought, Call an Exorcist [IndieInk Challenge]

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Wendryn challenged me with “‘All our kids are screaming but the ghosts aren’t real’ U2, Get On your Boots” and I challenged Dara with “‘That’s what livin’ in the city does, man. Stick your song in your throat.’ — George Carlin” *** On Second Thought, Call an ExorcistContinue reading “On Second Thought, Call an Exorcist [IndieInk Challenge]”