Notes on creativity and community

Today, I had the honor of serving as a guest lecturer in my friend D’Arcy Randall’s poetry class at the University of Texas. D’Arcy asked me to address my editorial work, my efforts at Borderlands, and my own writing. When I thought about how I balance those, and how each feeds my creative life inContinue reading “Notes on creativity and community”

Register for Poetry March Madness 2015

March Madness is all about elimination. The competition winnows out teams one by one until only the best of the best remains. The games are thrilling and sometimes heartbreaking, but it’s the quick elimination of the weaker teams that ratchets up the competitive drama. Many poets struggle with revising their poems, especially when they haveContinue reading “Register for Poetry March Madness 2015”

Pulitzer Remix, Weeks 3 and 4.

April has been a busy month, with little time for blogging. So I slacked off on linking to the Pulitzer Remix poems. But it’s the last night of this project, so time for one more roundup! April 15th: “Stranger” April 16th: “Break Free” April 17th: “Open Window” April 18th: “Ennui” April 19th: “It’s not beingContinue reading “Pulitzer Remix, Weeks 3 and 4.”

Pulitzer Remix, Week 2

Over at last week’s Pulitzer Remix roundup, Drew Myron asked me to describe more about the Remix rules and the composing process. And I’m happy to oblige! The two big Pulitzer Remix rules are as follows: Each poem you produce  should be created from words and phrases that appear in your Pulitzer Prize-winning source text.Continue reading “Pulitzer Remix, Week 2”

And we have pre-order!

That’s right! We’re Smaller Than We Think We Are is now available for pre-order. Finishing Line Press is offering a shipping discount for anyone who reserves a copy between now and February 27th. I’ve spent today pretty much just bouncing off the walls. If I’m this excited now, I can only imagine how hyper I’ll beContinue reading “And we have pre-order!”

First Project of 2013: Supporting Tupelo Press

I love Tupelo Press. I love their chapbooks. I love their broadsides. They’re an all-around excellent small press, and like most small presses, they’re struggling to stay viable in a weak economy, where poetry is not the top priority for most people. When they began the 30/30 Project in December 2012, I knew I wantedContinue reading “First Project of 2013: Supporting Tupelo Press”

Time for a victory dance

The screencap above is the Scrivener corkboard view for my next poetry manuscript! I finished the very first full draft about an hour ago. The working title is Curved Tongue, Forked Road, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to stay that way for the rest of the revision process, though I’m open to the possibility thatContinue reading “Time for a victory dance”