November Accomplishments

November was a tough month for my writing. Between moving, having out-of-town guests, and traveling to New Orleans for Thanksgiving, it was a struggle to get things done. But I kept my regular writing habit up nonetheless.

In terms of successes:

  • Wrote 41 poems
  • Submitted 13 poems (5 rejected; 10 pending)
  • Submitted the chapbook manuscript to two competitions
  • Continued adding potential poems to my manuscript folder
  • Managed to complete the move, despite issues with our old place and the various utility companies being completely difficult.

In terms of failures:

  • I did not accomplish that nonfiction project, because at the last minute I decided to spend November writing my horror story idea for NaNoWriMo….
  • ….And then I dropped NaNoWriMo. Oops.

Still, not every month can be perfect. Things happen. Sometimes life does get in the way. What matters is that I kept up my daily poetry practice, and thus managed to keep my focus on my primary creative endeavor.

And now for my December goals:

  • Maintain my regular poetry practice, which includes writing, submitting, and working towards the development of my next collection.
  • Actually write a draft of one of three prose projects I have bouncing around in my head.
  • Develop a new system for tracking my writing submissions. The one I had worked for almost three years, but for some reason, it’s not serving me well anymore. I want to experiment with a few new methods so I start the New Year off organized.

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