Weekend Adventures

The past four weekends were intense. I had Reesa’s memorial service the last weekend of February. The weekend after that was my friend Amanda’s bachelorette party. The weekend after that was Amanda and John’s wedding. And finally, I rounded off four weeks of business with a dance competition in Houston.

Throw in a sick dog last week (he’s doing much better now, thankfully), and by last Friday, I was exhausted. I didn’t want to do anything but relax. I was determined not to do anything all weekend. And I didn’t. Well, at least not by my standards.

By the time Friday evening rolled around, Jon and I were both completely sleep deprived. I had a dance lesson, and then after that, we just hung around the house. I made macaroni and cheese, and then we pretty much just relaxed. We watched Fringe, I worked on poetry, and we went to bed fairly early for once.

On Saturday, I got up and drove to South Austin to go hiking with my friend Melanie and her pug, Lux. Maxwell was supposed to join us, but he still wasn’t 100%. Since he already has social anxiety around other dogs thanks to whatever abuses he faced in his puppyhood, I decided it was best if he stayed home. But I still had fun with Lux, and Melanie and I had a good, long chat. I even remembered my good camera…except discovered too late that I had forgotten to put my memory card in it.

Sculpture Falls, with my cell phone camera. Sorry
Lux is my favorite pug.

After getting back from my hike, I worked on poetry for a bit, and then Jon and I went to Torchy’s. Because it’s not the weekend without tacos. After a grocery run, we spent the rest of the day just chilling out. I worked on poetry and some short stories. Jon worked on music. After dinner, we watched season two of Daria pretty much in one sitting, with a quick break to feed my friend Jerry’s dog. It was the most boring Saturday night I’ve had in a while, and I very much enjoyed it.

On Sunday, I walked Max, and Jon made sweet potato hash for breakfast. After some lazing around the house, we got up, put on some classy clothes, and went to the park. The photos on Jon’s website are from when we first moved to Austin, and his look has changed a bit since then. And I could always use more nice photos of myself. First, we visited the park in our neighborhood, and then we drove down to the creek. To our surprise, Max actually seemed to enjoy the water. Considering his aversion to baths, this was a pleasant surprise.

Jon and Maxwell, looking sharp!
Maxwell getting his bark on.
Jon wanted to know how I managed to hold this pose the entire way down the slide.

After our jaunt, we headed home, where I got even more writing done. (All in all, it was a very creative weekend.) Finally, we topped it off with a visit from our friend Terri, who joined us for the season premiere of Mad Men. I thought it was an excellent episode, and I’m looking forward to seeing what unfolds.

It was nice to spend a weekend mostly at home for once, getting to recharge my batteries. I woke up this morning feeling energized and ready to start my week. I’ve already kicked it off with a poetry acceptance, so it’s definitely off to a good beginning!

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    1. I know, right? That’s a great Monday.

      And yes, I had a lovely weekend. It’s just lower-key than I’m used to. At one point in January, I went from Houston to Dallas and then back to Austin in the span of about 14 hours. I play pretty hard sometimes!

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