Caught Between Sea and Shore [IndieInk Challenge]

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, SAM challenged me with “Use this image for inspiration: (Josephine Wall “The Discovery”)” and I challenged Carrie with “Write a haibun ( about summer camp. ”

The image in question

I’ve been rowing all night, watching the pearled moon move across the water, enjoying the way the stars traverse their velvet canvas. It’s not until dawn begins to form that I consider heading back home. As the waves go gold with first light, I come upon the cove. There are infinite new days waiting for me, each one brighter and greener than the last. Each one is temping, but the darkness at my back is still illuminating. Different futures dance for me, but soon my present will shine. How can I possibly choose? For even the present has promise.


For more about the piece, click below the fold.

I don’t have a long discussion about this one, as my writing of it was fairly straightforward. But I would like to give a nod to Madelyn Garner’s and Andrea L. Watson’s ekphrasis exercise in Wingbeats: Exercises and Practice in Poetry. Their prompt asks some excellent questions about the piece the poet is responding to, and my answers helped me shape this.

8 thoughts on “Caught Between Sea and Shore [IndieInk Challenge]

  1. I like your interpretation of the painting. You touched all the different parts of the picture so beautifully. I can hear the poetry in the rhythm of your writing.


    1. Thanks! I always like to offer the discussion as a bonus. I find it helpful to get an insight into the writer’s process, so I try to share the wealth. 🙂


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