March Accomplishments

March was a busy month! I ended up not being as productive as I would have liked, but considering how frantic I was, I’m pretty pleased with what I did pull of. Here’s what I ended up doing this month:

  • Wrote 41 poems
  • Submitted 24 poems
  • Submitted my chapbook manuscript
  • Finished the March stage of my ghostwriting project
  • Made progress on completing my unfinished short stories, as well as submitting three of them
  • Began doing research for NaNoWriMo 2012 (Yes, I know it’s months away. But my idea is going to require a lot of research, so it’s best if I start now.)

I did not:

  • Complete a first draft of a new fiction piece
  • Do enough research on the epic poem I plan to write this month. Oh well. I’ll be writing it anyway. I can always fill in the gaps during the revision process.
  • Finish my poetry table.

I wasn’t as productive as I would have liked, but considering how busy I was and just how many weekends were devoted to either a wedding or dance, I did pretty well for myself. April is a new month, and though I’m busy with dance stuff, it’s pretty much all local. There’s the possibility for a Dallas rehearsal at some point, but not until after the Austin competition mid-month.

So here’s what I hope to accomplish during National Poetry Month:

  • Continue my regular write/revise/submit poetry practice
  • Finish one more in-progress fiction piece and submit it
  • Continue with my NaNoWriMo 2012 research
  • Finish my poetry table
  • Take a second stab at writing my epic poem.

My literary year is definitely shaping up! Even though only a handful of the poems I write are ones I choose for further revision and submission (5-10), I’m well on my way to having a first draft of a full collection  by the end of the year. That, ultimately, is what I want. Not that I don’t want to be successful with fiction or my NaNoWriMo project, but poetry has always been my first love, and I feel like things are finally starting to move in the direction I want. Eyes on the prize!

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