Illegible Map [IndieInk Challenge]

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, littlewonder2 challenged me with “Write 42 words about a character lost in the dark.” and I challenged lisa with “Write a piece in which the entirety of the plot takes place in a fast food restaurant.”

Illegible Map
I know I’m doomed because the bright stars can’t provide me any guidance. Think of all the travelers who learned how to use them. If only I had taken time to understand the symbols, to decipher the messages, to decode the meanings.



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When I thought about someone being lost, my mind went to the open desert landscape of West Texas. Then, my thoughts turned to the sky at night out there, and how bright the stars are. But it also occurred to me that if I was lost in the desert, the illuminated sky wouldn’t do me any good.

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  1. I just was surfing google images to see what would show up on Texas’ Poets and your site came up. What I have read so far has been funny, sensitive to your world and well-written. I plan on returning. Blessings in your journey.


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