Independence Day in Food (and puppies!!)

I had the day off on July 4th, which meant I got to sleep in. Jon volunteered to work, but he didn’t need to be in until noon, so we got to start the day with Jon’s world-famous (okay, house-famous) breakfast tacos.

Celebrating America with tacos. Huzzah!

When Jon went off to work, I got ready for a board game party at my dance partner’s apartment. Before I headed out to his place, I whipped up a bean-and-pepper salad with cilantro-limeĀ vinaigrette.

Gratuitous dog photo!

The salad turned out to be a little too much for people with delicate palates, but those of us who favor spicy food loved it. In the future, I will probably reduce the habaneros and serranos in order to make sure this is enjoyable for all.

Carbs and fat. It’s the American way!
Maxwell would really like a burger.

After indulging in various grilled foods and unhealthy sides, we spent the afternoon playing one game after another. Then, it came time for dessert: apple pie. While in the past, I have been horrified by the prospect of cheese on my pie, the fact is that I love cheese and I love pie. So I decided to give the combination a try.

Food adventure!

The end result: I didn’t despise it. I’m glad I tried it. I’m not sure I’d do it again, but I also am open to the possibility. I can see a shaved white cheddar working quite well on a pear pie, for example.

And that is how I celebrated my independence. I hope your own holiday was just as delicious.

Max and Emma only knocked over two candleholders tearing around the house.

2 thoughts on “Independence Day in Food (and puppies!!)

  1. It sounds like you had a fun day. Have you got any leftover breakfast tacos or bean salad? I shouldn’t eat spicy foods, but I indulge from time to time. At least they unclog my sinuses.

  2. We didn’t have any tacos left, and I donated the remainders of the salad to my hosts, since my dance partner loved it so much. But I ate enough that day that I didn’t really need to take anything home!

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