Summer Adventures: Foundation Graffiti

Austin has had an unusually rainy week, which means cloudy skies and cooler temperatures. When the heat is (slightly) less intense, that means more exploring.


A few weeks ago, Jon went to lunch with a friend, and they happened upon Foundation Graffiti. A vacant lot just off of Lamar (if you’re heading southbound on Lamar, turn right on 12th street, and then take the first left that is a street rather than a parking lot). After hearing about it and seeing their photos, I had to take my camera out and see the sights.


I was floored by what I saw. Built on a vacant lot (I’m still puzzling over what it used to be back in the day), the remains of the building are embedded in Castle Hill, so there’s plenty of climbing to be done. Which is not always easy if you want to protect your camera, but well worth the effort.


I was amazed at the artwork on display. Those who do not believe that street art classifies at art will change their minds after seeing this display. Yes, there is a range in terms of the quality of work on display. However, all in all, the paintings here are the creations of experienced artists who have honed their craft.


Foundation Graffiti is free and open to the public, and you can browse for a few minutes or a couple of hours. All locals should stop by and check it out; it’s also a fun place to bring tourist friends, at least as a side trip. And from what I can tell from blocks and Flickr pages, it looks like the art gradually evolves over time, so there’s always something new to see.


If the art wasn’t enough to lure you in, it’s worth a climb to the top just to enjoy the view. You’ll get some excellent scenery of the downtown area. Get up early enough, and this would be an amazing spot to watch the sun rise.


So enjoy more photos of a spot that is quintessentially Austin. I hope they inspire you to visit.




2 thoughts on “Summer Adventures: Foundation Graffiti

  1. Thanks for the link back to my blog. Your post inspired me to update my post with some of your questions. Basically the foundation is what remains of a failed building project (unsafe to build on that land).


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