Picture Perfect Challenge: Decorations

I haven’t done a Picture Perfect Challenge in a while (or done much in the way of blogging, for that matter). Work, writing, and kung fu have all left me quite busy. However, some of my activities are winding down for the year, and I’ve found myself with extra time on my hands. So yesterdayContinue reading “Picture Perfect Challenge: Decorations”

October Unprocessed: Week 1

I’m doing October Unprocessed again this year. Since I know what to expect, this year will be more about sharing what, exactly I ate, rather than recording my experiences and impressions. I used The New Moosewood Cookbook a lot this week, as most of the things in it either are or can be modified to be unprocessed,Continue reading “October Unprocessed: Week 1”

Weekend Adventures: Pedernales Falls State Park

I haven’t gone on a photography walk since Christmas. But last weekend, I had the entirety of Saturday unscheduled and a desire to be out and about. So I texted my friend Savanni (whose photography skills are excellent) about going somewhere nearby for a good, long walk, accompanied by cameras. I has a specific itchContinue reading “Weekend Adventures: Pedernales Falls State Park”

Summer Adventures: Foundation Graffiti

Austin has had an unusually rainy week, which means cloudy skies and cooler temperatures. When the heat is (slightly) less intense, that means more exploring.   A few weeks ago, Jon went to lunch with a friend, and they happened upon Foundation Graffiti. A vacant lot just off of Lamar (if you’re heading southbound onContinue reading “Summer Adventures: Foundation Graffiti”

Weekend Adventures: Galveston Island

This is what convertibles were made for: waking up early and heading out with a friend to get possibly the best bagels in the entire state of Texas from Hot Bagels in Houston. And then putting the top town, heading out on I-45 South, and driving to Galveston. And as you’re heading down the highway, knowingContinue reading “Weekend Adventures: Galveston Island”