Video from Spoken & Heard

I had a fantastic time as the featured poet at Spoken & Heard this past Sunday. I had a couple of good friends in the audience, and Jon managed to get some of the poems on video. I thought I’d share some of my favorites from the evening.

Reading “Come Into the World Like That”

Paying tribute to Mary Oliver by reading her poem “Wild Geese”

Yes, I wrote a poem about visiting the dentist

Reading “Love Song to a ’94 Honda” and “Lizard”

Reading “ICU”

Reading “Goldfinch”

Thanks again for the members of Spoken & Heard for featuring me, to the great baristas at Kick Butt Coffee, and to my friends who came to watch.

One thought on “Video from Spoken & Heard

  1. If I couldn’t be there, YouTube is the next best thing–clever! I never get tired if Lizard. I have added all of them to “My Favorites” to be played again and again. This is an especially eclectic grouping–nice.


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