Picture Perfect Challenge: Decorations

I haven’t done a Picture Perfect Challenge in a while (or done much in the way of blogging, for that matter). Work, writing, and kung fu have all left me quite busy. However, some of my activities are winding down for the year, and I’ve found myself with extra time on my hands. So yesterday evening I took the time to take some photos to fit the theme.

decorations18 decorations12


If you’re wondering why there are ornaments but no Christmas tree…I had the realization over Thanksgiving that Simon is not currently a tree-friendly dog. I knew that if I put one up, I’d come home from work and find every porcelain and blown-glass memory smashed to bits on the floor.

What, me? Destroy everything you love? But look how cute I am!
What, me? Destroy everything you love? But look how cute I am!

But I still wanted a few ornaments up. Then Jon had the idea of running a few nails at an angle down one of the walls. Once they were in, I selected some of my favorites and put them up. I couldn’t get every single piece I wanted, but I have a good representation of ornaments that make me happy, and I don’t need to worry about them being destroyed.

New Year’s Resolution: get some professional obedience training for this pup.

(And yes, he does like to snuggle up to Jon like that.)

2 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Challenge: Decorations

  1. It thrills me to see the the ornament from your first Christmas. I don’t know how you could pick! Wonderful memories. love the photo of Jon and pal.

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