2012 in Pictures

Inspired by the “2012 in Photos” post over at The New Me, I decided to do a summary of 2012 using photos. I more or less followed Chrissy’s setup, using photos I’d taken with my good camera, though made an exception for two group shots other people took that I really wanted to share.

January: The year started off on a sad note, but it had wonderful moments as well. I attended America’s Classic Championship, which is one of my favorite competitions. The competition is well-run, the routines are amazing, and I get to spend time partying with my favorite dance friends. A great way to spend a winter weekend.


February: Not the most eventful month of my year, but Jon did get a nice  bonus at work. We used the extra cash to treat ourselves to brunch at Perla’s. And got oysters on the half shell for an appetizer, and then again for dessert. We also didn’t eat the rest of the day.

547861_429560137068027_183738537_nMarch: My dance partner got married, and I was a bridesmaid. It was an exhausting, amazing weekend, involving great food, excellent music, and of course, lots of dancing.



April: I photographed surprisingly little in April, even though a lot happened. There was my poker birthday party as well as a big dance competition in Austin. But here is a photo of my fellow triviagoers one early April night. This was the first night we took Max to trivia with us. It was also the last.


IMG_0639May: Jon gave me a weekend pass to Poetry at Round Top for my birthday, so I spent a glorious weekend in early May out at the festival grounds. I got to listen to some amazing poets, and had a great time connecting with writers from all over, including meeting a poet who had been a professor at Kenyon College when I was a student. The above photo is from the grotto in the chapel. A lovely sight after the sun went down.



June: First time on a Texas beach! I went down to Galveston early, before it got hot, enjoyed the Gulf, and then ate a plate of raw oysters for lunch. I’m looking forward to more beach time this coming summer.



July: 2012 marked my fourth year in Austin. Despite that, I had yet to visit Foundation Graffiti, which is close to my house, and also free. One afternoon, I finally took the time to check out the amazing artwork on display



August: Only Austin is weird enough to have a hot sauce festival in August. Every year, I swear I don’t want to go, because it’s so hot and uncomfortable.  But I let Jon drag me down, and I end up having a fantastic time. The location change to Fiesta Gardens definitely helped make this year a success.



September: September was a great month. I went to an excellent dance competition, I embarked on The Artist’s Way, and went on a photo walk at Pedernales Falls with my friend Savanni. I had the chance to take some great photos, and also wrote one of my best haiku ever.



October: October marked my second year doing October Unprocessed. This year, I became obsessed with Greek yogurt and added a few new slow cooker meals to my regular rotation. Plus, I enjoyed these delicious breakfast tacos, courtesy of Jon.



November: I hosted my friend Phoebe’s bridal shower at 1886 Cafe and Bakery. We had delicious food, played a low-key game, and I happen to think that this candid photo of the bride turned out beautifully.



December: This month has been a total blur. I’ve been working tons of overtime on a big project deadline. Plus, there’s the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Plus, I finished The Artist’s Way and I’m doing the Southeast Review 30-day Writer’s Regimen. (If you’re wondering when I sleep, I’m not entirely sure myself.) But despite all the running around, there are moments that remind you to slow down. Earlier this week, we were running around getting ready for the day. It was warm, so the back door was open for the dogs. Jon noticed the light; the entire yard was cast in pink. I immediately grabbed my camera. And Simon, the dog who never stops moving, actually posed for a good picture. Yes, even the most hyper dog can stop moving once in a while. Or I get the proper shutter speed to catch him at just the right millisecond.

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