Feminist Friday: Derailment Bingo

I’ve had this bookmarked for several weeks now, waiting to share. It’s just been a matter of making time to blog. Via tumblinfeminist, may I present Derailment Bingo:


If you’ve partaken in a discussion on the internet, you’ve seen at least one of these. In fact, you’ve probably seen them all at some point or another. These are comments that trolls use to invade discussions and try to get the thread off-topic. I’ve seen it in feminist spaces, in Health at Every Size Spaces, in anti-racist spaces — pretty much anywhere in which people are attempting to discuss issues we find with society, and how to handle them. They’re aggravating. They’re silencing. They’re not useful.

Just remember: don’t feed the trolls. They’ll build new bridges elsewhere.

3 thoughts on “Feminist Friday: Derailment Bingo

  1. In November I got called to a troll-nuking where the guy had already hit about half of that card. I typed it all out for a score and everyone but him laughed. Then he continued and within two more comments I had a multi-bingo.

  2. Love it! I also have a game I play during big group discussions on race, Israel/Palestine, gender, or any other Big Tough Topic. I have a scorecard of Types and check them off. These include:
    1. young white guy who starts by admitting he knows nothing about this but feels he has to say something
    2. older white guy who starts by admitting he knew nothing about this until something he saw/read last week that he has to tell us all about
    3. young white woman who is trying to hard to do something to fix this and is sure the problem will be resolved when we all just get along
    4. radical (usually bearded and unwashed) lefty guy who tells us none of care ENOUGH or we’d be doing things HIS WAY.

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