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Note: I’ve decided to do away with my monthly book listings. For 2013, I wanted to shake things up a little. So I’m going to try a weekly feature that is a smattering of things I’ve found in print and online.

Larry Gonick, The Cartoon Guide to Physics. I always thought biology was cool, but never had much patience for chemistry and physics. Plus, I hated labs, so I got very little in terms of formal science education after high school. These days, I wish I had been more open to science courses, not because I want to be a scientist, but because I find myself continually drawn to poets who incorporate math, physics, and biology into their work. Fortunately, there are plenty of science-oriented books available for those of us who skipped even the most basic intro courses, and this is one of them. I’m having so much fun reading it.

Kate Greenstreet, case sensitive. I first discovered Greenstreet through Fire on Her Tongue. I responded even more deeply to this first collection. I was drawn to the science, to the road imagery, to the consistent voice and character throughout. And it left me wanting more of her poems.

Language Log, “Literary moist aversion.” Personally, I tend more toward sound aversions (especially dull pencils) rather than word aversions. But I do dislike the word “chafe,” and resent when I find myself compelled to use it in a poem.

How a Poem Happens. I’m just loving this entire blog. Thanks, Hannah!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Reading

  1. Wow wow wow!! I am catching up on my blog reading….the “moist” thing is cracking me up. The Cartoon Guide to Physics looks totally charming (and maybe something I could actually understand) :).

    I love the title of your chapbook, by the way…it really rings true for me. Today, I had the recurring line in my poem, “You are small.” It’s reassuring, isn’t it?

    Hope all is well for you!

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