4 thoughts on “We won’t go back

  1. I’m not there…
    but I’m wishing so….
    Inebriated enough for celebrations while condemning law writ
    Mistaken in time but not expression;
    The duck didn’t float
    But the ire did load bird shot…
    The things lost are not impersonal to those subscribing them,
    but those subscribing to them don’t profit otherwise
    I’ll keep afloat this disregard of politic right
    While judge not those involved
    At least I think so
    While I listen to the desperate heart beats of lost meaning…
    The change of guards comes before the change of old
    Time is only behavior in these cases.

  2. Were you there? I’m jealous. Part of me wants to go to back to Texas and help fight, and part of me is glad I left. Although North Carolina is proving to be just as bad right now. Looks like there’s no safe place for a uterus these days. 🙁

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