Frontera Fest Special!

Last month, I had a one-act play I’d written produced as part of Frontera Fest, a local theatre event. It was quite an event, and even if we don’t make Best of the Fest next week, I’ll be very happy with how things went. But that’s the subject of a longer post for later. For now, I’m happy to announce that I’ve published an e-book version of the script. (There will be a print run sometime later this month.) And for the duration of Frontera Fest, it will be available for just $0.99!

Hand in Unlovable Hand is currently available at the following online retailers:

Or, you can buy direct from Payhip:

This offer is only good until the 15th. After that, the price goes up. So get it while the getting’s good!

(Note: This play contains mature themes and is not suitable for all readers/audiences.)

2 thoughts on “Frontera Fest Special!

  1. Dear Allyson, please keep one copy for $0.99 for me. I will take it from you. I am quite handicapped these days. Monday morning I had my feet surgery. After 14 injections plus one cortisone in the heel, dr. Pulled my four toes nails. Thank god Amit, my son arrived from Egypt where he was on an official tour. He was with me. Came home crying and limping. I hope I will recover. With love. Don’ forget the book you have written for me. How are things with you? Shubh

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    1. Shubh, I have been thinking of you! I’m sorry you are in so much pain. I am glad Amit was able to be with you.

      I am doing well and very busy, as always.

      Don’t worry, I will make sure you get a copy. 🙂


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