A much-delinquent Big Poetry Giveaway Post

big poetry giveaway 2014

Oh, yeah, I only just now am getting around to announcing the winners of my giveaway in June… At least I didn’t keep the entrants in suspense that long! I actually notified everyone and sent their books out by mid-May… but that was also a very hectic month, so I never got around to announcing the winners here like I was supposed to. Well, better late than never!

Although I started the month giving away three books (a copy of Dance in Poetry, a copy of Mercury Retrograde, and a copy of my chapbook), as a result of winning a silent auction at Poetry at Round Top, I inadvertently ended up with duplicate copies of some chapbooks from Dallas-area poets. So I ended out giving several bonus prizes as well. It turned out to be a banner year!

Laura E. Davis won the copy of Dance in Poetry.

Katrina Roberts won the copy of Mercury Retrograde.

Lissa Clouser won the copy of We’re Smaller Than We Think We Are.

Patrick Horgan won a copy of One Saturday by Budd Powell Mahan.

Jeff won a copy of black crow in flight by Ann Howells.

Jennifer won a copy of Ovarian by Ellen LaFleche.

and Andrew Albert J. Ty won a copy of Illya’s Honey 17.2.


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