Ain’t No Party Like a Poetry Party

Image Credit: Melissa Creates (
Image Credit: Melissa Creates (

Okay, my New Year’s plans are a little livelier than that. But if you’re poetry-minded  and want to spend New Year’s Eve being creative, you are invited to join the New Year’s Poetry Party.

New Year’s Poetry Party

What: A night to write the last poems of 2014 and start the New Year on a creative high note.

Where: My home. Please RSVP to for address.


  • Your favorite writing supplies
  • A snack or beverage to share
  • Poems from 2014 (yours or someone else’s) to read

Note 1: I have a very social dog named Simon. He has short fur, doesn’t shed much, and loves to sit in people’s laps.

Note 2: Please RSVP by noon on December 29th so I have enough time to do all the prep I need. Please also let me know if you’ll be there for the whole evening or just part of it, so I can plan accordingly. (You only need to RSVP if you’ll be attending.)

9:00-10:30 p.m.
Workshop: Making Myth New

Mythologies provide enduring sources of inspiration for poets. This workshop will start by looking at mythological archetypes across different cultures, as well as reading a selection of mythological poems. We’ll focus on the ways in which myths are continuously made new and the way the stories behind them transcend time. Finally, we’ll have time to write, using myth to explore either current events, or the mythic capacities within our own stories and lives.

10:30-11:30 p.m.
Collaborative Writing

Let’s end the year by working together!
Exact structure and prompt will depend on how many RSVPs I get.

Socializing and Reading

Share your workshop pieces, your favorite poems you wrote in 2014, and your favorite poems you read in 2014.

Midnight: Toasting!

The usual festivities!

12:01 until We’re Too Tired

Writing the first poems of the New Year.
Sharing our work and the work of others.

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