I Am Bad Whether…


I Am Bad Whether is an up-and-coming feminist press founded by poet, activist, and tech guru Muerta-Paz Con Corazon Sin-Guerra. A few months ago, Muerta decided that my collection Curved Tongue, Forked Road would be the first book she published. After several more rounds of manuscript revision, we’re getting ready to launch!

Of course, as a start-up, the press needs help to get going. We’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign to help get things up and running. I’m excited about the perks we have to offer, everything from postcards to books to workshops! So if you want to support feminist publishing in Texas, check out the campaign.

I’m also offering a bonus incentive for readers of this blog. If you contribute, let me know (via comment here or via email), and I will send you a bonus postcard featuring recent work. This applies to donations at any level.

For those of you who want to help but don’t have spare cash, we appreciate you getting the word out on our behalf! Share on social media, talk it up at events, and get people interested.

Muerta and I appreciate your support!

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