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As I’ve revised and revised and revised my thesis some more, the only new work I’ve been interested in making are my blackout Cantos. Aside from the persistent fear that I’ll never write a new poem after I finish this MFA (I defend on the 17th!), I’m really enjoying the process.

One of my friends has, as well. John Escobedo, who is one of the first three friends I made after moving to Austin 10 years ago, is a programmer who took an interest in the blackout poetry photos I’ve been posting. He’s written a fun blackout poetry program for anyone to play with. He’s been working on it steadily over the past few days. There’s a passage of text up there for you to use; you can also paste your own text into the box and work with it as well. In this program, you mark the text you want to keep, and when you’re done, you can click a button and block everything else out.

Here’s a piece I made using the program. Check it out and have fun!

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 9.53.45 PM

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  1. Your Poem:
    I had scarcely thought of curiosity from any motive, I see, for the first time, The simplicity, earnestness, and sincerity forgetful of the reality and truth. our voice creates an harmony for our truth, but in these little scenes passing through, many thoughts and feelings are shifting within

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