The Best of It: Even in the Face of Death Edition

David Meischen, Scott Wiggerman, myself and Wade Martin at the Georgetown Poetry Festival in 2014
  1. Though his time on Earth was far too short and his departure far too sudden, Wade Martin was a wonderful poet, collaborator, road trip companion, literary citizen, and human being. I was so lucky that he was a part of my life, and that we got to work on three years of the Texas Poetry Calendar together. I am grateful that I had a chance to be his friend.
  2. My grandfather, Rev. Paul D. Whipple, did not suffer when he passed away last week. He had a good 96 years on this planet, and was able to be healthy and active for most of them.
  3. I returned to writing practice (writing for the sake of writing, without aim of project or publication) after a long hiatus, and it feels so right.
  4. I’ve decided to go read every unread Natalie Goldberg book on my shelf until they’re all done, and so far I’m really happy with this decision.
  5. I have curry tree seeds coming my way!

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