A List of Quarantine Projects I’ve Undertaken in Somewhat Chronological order

The old power steering pump
  • Replaced my worn-out power steering pump
  • Tilled up 96 square feet of soil by hand
  • Planted 25 different vegetables, plus marigolds to keep the nematodes away
  • Completed an EP of yoga nidra practices for equinox and solstice
  • Built a hanging rack for my pots and pans, and generally reorganized my entire kitchen
  • Took a level 1 mat Pilates teacher training
  • Assembled and started submitting a new poetry chapbook manuscript
  • Started a new blog endeavor, The Best of It, to record the small niceties in my life
  • Took a course on the Matangi, Durga, and Lasksmi archetypes offered by Chanti Tacoronte-Perez and Stephanie Chee Barea
Warp board
  • Took a course on Buddhism called The Whole Path, offered by Sharon Salzberg
  • Made green tea ice cream
  • Made my first quilt, entirely by hand, using tote bags from End of an Ear
  • Began making a quilt for my friend’s baby
  • Created plans for a quilt to give my aunt and uncle for Christmas
  • Built a warp board for my table loom
  • Learned to make baba ganoush, as well as a few variations
  • Started submitting poetry regularly again
  • Helped Borderlands apply for funding for next year
  • Organized my bathroom cabined
  • Cleaned out my bedroom closet

I hope that, wherever you are, you are as safe as possible, and finding ways to stay happy and fulfilled through quarantine.

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